3 Types of Creative Commons Images Perfect for Business Websites & Blogs

Perfect for Business Websites & Blogs

3 Types of Creative Commons Images Perfect for Business Websites & Blogs

Looking for the perfect Creative Commons images to use for your business blog or website? Look no further, read this article, and find out more!

The right photos are important to your business website’s progress and success. The right photos can capture the attention of the visitors and encourage them to take an action, read or purchase something. It can be really hard to find the right photos, especially with all the stock photo websites available on the web.

Even though there are great sites for downloading Creative Commons images online, it is really time-consuming going through all those sources to find the ideal photo that aligns with your website objectives and your design aesthetic.

In this article, we are going to present you the 3 types of Creative Commons images which are perfect for business websites and blogs:

  1. Industry-specific photos: The first group of photos is probably the type of photos that came to mind when you think about photos for your business website. This group includes specific elements which are perfectly identifiable with your niche or industry. Most niches or industries will have clear elements or characteristics that people can identify such as equipment or tools, uniforms, settings, and etc. These photos can help you send a clear message to your target audience and provide credibility for your business website.
  2. Workspace photos: This is the next category of photos and it is more generic than industry-specific photos. Workspace images basically cover basic scenarios of individuals working and photos like this may receive a criticism as being too obvious so make sure to pay attention when choosing the photos you will add to your website. Workspace photos can be interesting when used to present the little-seen sides of one niche or industry. Also, these photos can present the internal culture your online brand has. The most important thing with these images is that they need to seem unique and authentic.
  3. Aspirational photos: These photos show the dreams and the end goal of your customers. These photos are ideal for most blogs and websites as visitors can visualize themselves in the photos. The type of photos in this category can vary as the aspirations of the customers are dependent on the niche or industry.

 If you want to find industry-specific, workspace or aspiration Creative Commons images online we recommend you to visit Pixabay, Unsplash or Flickr and hopefully you will find the perfect photos for your business website or blog.

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